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Our Story

Based in the tropics of Singapore, PINKSALT is the brainchild of two like-minded individuals who believe fashion deserves a place in contemporary swimwear and resort-wear. PINKSALT manages to fuse comfort and style together to create pieces that reinstate a woman’s individuality. In keeping with this philosophy, our collection is meant to project your strong features without bordering on modesty.


Our company draws inspiration from the pink Himalayan salt and as result, delivers a hybrid of quality and affordability that gives the female wearer a sense of confidence that goes hand in hand with her unique style.


All apparel in our collection features beautiful refined lines and subtle details that achieve a modern look without sacrificing playfulness or character.


Our designers have succeeded in creating pieces that skilfully accentuate the female form while providing adequate coverage for woman at the same time. Each piece is characterized by its unique silhouette and fine fabrics, crafted with the modern woman in mind.

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