Your 2018 CNY Snack Guide: How truly indulgent are they? 

2018 has just begun and the Lunar New Year beckons, with immaculate and heavenly CNY goodies you can’t resist! 

Are you one to indulge in popular snacks like Love Letters, Pineapple Tarts and Bak Kwa? Well, before you go on a splurging fest – these goodies pack guilt in every bite in the form of calories, which you have to slave off on the treadmill after CNY is over.

To make things simpler for you – we compared the delicious treats with exercises required to burn them off, before you relish them wholeheartedly! 

Love Letters

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 3.30.41 PM.png

You munch on these light, airy crackers in between relative visits, as they seem perfectly harmless, right? Well the truth hurts – just 3 of these deceptive little rolls amounts to 168 calories, which is equivalent to a 20 minute run. Ouch. 

Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa

The popularity queen of CNY treats needs no introduction. As divine as they are, you need to spend 45 minutes of moderate pace swimming to burn off the 370 calories packed in 1 piece. 

Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts

These common folk on the CNY snack table pack a punch with a 30 minute slow walk with your boo (per tart). That doesn’t sound so bad – but if you load on 5 in a row, that’s 410 calories! Now you must pull of a 55 minute run. Oh dear.

Shrimp Rolls

Shrimp Rolls

The inviting, delectable piece of mini dried shrimp roll gets you reaching for one after another. 5 of these mean 25 minutes of cycling (110 cal) – so think twice before going for seconds.

Kueh Bangkit

Kueh Bangkit

The lightest of the bunch is 23 calories per piece, which measures to 10 minutes of carrying your groceries home, which translates to approximately 500 steps.


Knowing this, most of us are sure to go on regular workouts after the celebrations, but pretty miserable to restrict ourselves so much to not indulge in at least one or two of these goodies. After all, CNY is only once a year!

The key is to go for pieces that allow, and satisfy your indulgence, without showing a bulge (or that food baby after 3 days of festive eating). 

Outfit #1

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 1.19.25 PM.png

Skye Dress in Pink

Shift dresses like Skye is roomy and easy to move around in for the myriad of house visits. The feminine shade offers an alternative for those who avoid the auspicious bright red that may come off too strong. The highly versatile piece also allows regular wear after CNY! No more once-in-a-year outfits. 


Outfit #2

Tahiti Dress Pink

Tahiti Dress in Pink

Bringing back the best seller Tahiti Dress from our Moire Lines collection in a new shade of Pink, this piece is both loose fitting and flattering without comprising on style. Now you can pop in a few more love letters and not worry about the waistline showing. 


Outfit #3

Tahiti Dress Red

Tahiti Dress in Red

What’s Lunar New Year without auspicious Red? Charm your relatives with this unconventional yet comfy CNY outfit! We manufactured Tahiti in Red as well for women who love that extra bit of personality without looking like a walking ang-pao. We also love how this piece shows off your curves with the dimensional prints. 


Have more CNY outfits in mind that help hide our food babies? Let us know in the comments section, or share this with your girls to help them out this lunar new year! 

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